Sabbir Muslim: ‘God did not create xxxx, so they are all not real’ Recording (2hr 59min)


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Workshop with Sabbir Muslim

Sabbir will share his experience of applying A Course in Miracles lessons for healing and miracles. Lesson 14 says God did not create illness and so it is not real, and gives the keys to transforming the ego perception of fear and suffering towards revealing the power of miraculous healing and the glorious holy instant. There will be practical examples of applying Course lessons to transcend fearful, limited experience, in relation to illness, relationship and finances.

Sabbir Muslim was admitted to hospital with acute kidney failure at the age of 30, after a lifetime of chronic fear and addiction. There, he had a transformational near-death spiritual experience. He, then, embarked on a spiritual quest for healing from his kidney failure, gout and asthma, which lead to discovering ACIM. After applying ACIM lessons he was, eventually, discharged from the asthma and rheumatology clinics and ‘gifted’ with a kidney transplant, so he could come off his 8-hours-a-day dialysis machine. Then, having been given a long list of 13 medications to consume daily, he applied ACIM lessons to the medicines and his medication reduced to just one a day. His renal consultant said: “ I don’t know of any transplant patient who is taking less medication than you!”

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