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Ian Patrick

Reflections on A Course in Miracles

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In his first book, long-standing A Course in Miracles student and teacher Ian Patrick shares a wide variety of insights and personal revelations on the Course. Now, in one volume, and re-published by O-Books, this is the best of Ian’s articles selected from over 100 editions of Miracle Worker magazine, re-edited by D. Patrick Miller and updated.

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Ian frankly discusses some of the toughest challenges known to students of ACIM: facing the deaths of loved ones; letting go of long-held grievances; trying to comprehend Nelson Mandela meeting the Spice Girls; and much more.

From the light-hearted to the profound, these short essays reveal the down-to-earth illumination of a dedicated Course student who “remembers to laugh”— and who understands the everyday challenges of working miracles.

The book is not intended to be an introduction to A Course in Miracles. It presupposes some prior knowledge of the principles and, ideally, some practice at living them. It is primarily for those students of the Course who have been working with the ideas for some time and who could use a refresher on the essentials.

“A powerful, compelling read, this is a pick for new age and self-help readers alike!” — JAMES A COX, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“Ian Patrick is a mainstay in the Course in Miracles community — someone whose dedication to the Course has had a profound effect on many of us. He has written about Course principles based on his own life experiences, with reflections that can help all of us understand and apply them more deeply.” — MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, best selling author of A Return to LoveIlluminata and Age of Miracles

“Ian Patrick has put together a wonderful book that incorporates many of his articles from Miracle Worker magazine. I have read Ian’s work for many years. This book is an important contribution that should be read by any serious student of A Course in Miracles. Be prepared for a quantum leap in your knowledge of the Course.” — GARY RENARD, author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality

“Think of this book as more of a friendly companion along your spiritual path than yet another ‘how to’ book. Ian Patrick is able to speak to the part of us that knows Truth, remembers Love, and seeks union. In short, this book is not just a journey through A Course in Miracles, it is a gentle voice — sometimes serious and sometimes humorous — awakening something ancient and longed for within each of us.” — LEE JAMPOLSKY, author of Walking Through Wallsand Healing the Addictive Personality

“I appreciated Ian’s work so much that I urged him to write this book! And what a wealth of insight he shares with us through these pages. This is a timely and valuable book; one that reveals the very ‘heart’ of all healing — forgiveness.” — NOUK SANCHEZ, co-author of Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego

“Ian Patrick has written a book with a great deal of love, warmth, informality and good humour. This is, essentially, a personal book. It is as if the reader is meeting a real person. Ian avoids lecturing and is not afraid of connecting at a peer level. He knows how to write.” — GERALD JAMPOLSKY M.D., co-author of A Mini Course to Life

“Ian Patrick is Mr Miracles. He is a great ambassador for A Course in Miracles. This wonderful book is testament to his work. Thank you, Ian for being an inspiration to me and so many others.” — ROBERT HOLDEN, Ph.D., author of Shift Happens!

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