The Forgiving Life

Susan Dugan describes the transformational effects of living a forgiving life.

Source Breathwork and ACIM

Douglas Crawford talks about ‘source breathwork’ and A Course in Miracles.

The Metaphysics of the Course

Nick Arandes on the metaphysical foundation of A Course in Miracles

Life Purpose

Jennifer Hadley on your life purpose

A Short Summary of the Course

Michael Dawson presents a short summary of the Course, from its underlying metaphysical principles to its practical application – a path to inner peace and happiness through forgiveness.

A Meaningless World with Amy Torres

Amy Torres says: “My inclination is to face the worst, first. In ‘A Meaningless World’ we look at what Jesus means in ACIM when he says this is a meaningless world. That’s a devastating statement, isn’t it? Or is it… ? Watch now if you dare, and see for yourself.”