Tony Ponticello: ‘The Mechanics of Miracle Healing’ Recording (2hr 41min)


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Workshop with Rev Tony Ponticello

A Course in Miracles is an amazing manual, teaching us how to heal at the level of cause (the mind) and, thus, heal at all levels, since the body and the entire physical world is being projected by the mind. However, after 34 years of working with students, Tony finds that people still are confused about how this is done, the mechanics. Underneath this seeming confusion is an active resistance to the process, which many students don’t want to look at. Tony will share what he has learned – how to make miracle healing a reality for you, at all levels.

Tony Ponticello is the Executive Minister of Community Miracles Center – a position he has held for 34 plus years, since he co-founded the spiritual organisation. His functions there are numerous: Coach of CMC’s Healing Team, teaching multiple ACIM classes, speaking regularly at the ACIM Sunday Gathering, web-master for the its ever-expanding and vast website, editor of the acclaimed monthly publication, Miracles Monthly (409 issues, 409 months), running large annual ACIM Conferences and much more.

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