Tastes Like God – Carrie Triffet


Carrie Triffet

Like Marianne Williamson’s book, A Course in Weight Loss, this book is not really about dieting or nutrition, though that may have been one of Carrie Triffet’s initial motivations.


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With and interest in looking at food’s true spiritual nature (What is food, really, and what is true nourishment? Can timeless principles of spiritual Truth be applied to meals, looking beyond food’s form to its content?) and from the perspective of an A Course in Miracles teacher and writer, this journey became a deep metaphysical one.

As with anything, and anyone, in this world, we project a lot of things onto food — from need, comfort, craving and addiction, to punishment, repulsion and fear. We know we require food to survive in this illusion but we also endow food with magical properties — especially chocolate — the ability to make us happy, sad and fearful.

We might think if we get more food or better food, then we will be happy. We may fret over getting food that is nutritious enough, is organic, not covered in pesticides, or genetically modified.

People punish themselves with bulimia or anorexia, or subconsciously try to protect themselves by becoming overweight, with a wall of flesh around them. For anyone in these situations, food can become an all-consuming preoccupation.

Carrie Triffet, in her romping, insightfully revealing style, has produced this highly readable and entertaining book — part deliciously funny spiritual memoir and part serious metaphysical ‘science’ experiment. It illuminates the big questions of existence through the lens of Carrie’s own tangled relationship with food. Her spiritual exploration of food’s true meaning takes the reader on a memorable, real-time journey of transformation, which will help the reader navigate how to be a spiritual being living in a body. Topics include: overcoming food addition; dieting, exercise and attractiveness; body versus spirit identity; surrendering the meanings we attach to food; guilt and the food chain; the fear of God’s punishment; forgiving food; inner peace and deepest self-acceptance.

In her exploration, Carrie Triffet says: “Spirit and I explored the dark beliefs held within the body’s cellular structure and DNA itself. I was shown how to bring light into that persistently unconscious belief in darkness… my deepest core ego self-loathing.”

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