Symphony of Love – Kenneth Wapnick


Kenneth Wapnick

Kenneth Wapnick described the structure of A Course in Miracles as “symphonic”, in that the Course frequently introduces themes, puts them to one side, then picks them up and develops them, later. A symphony of love is, therefore, no doubt, how he would have described the Course.


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This book is a new selection of Wapnick’s writing: autobiographies, poetry, short stories and articles, compiled and edited by his widow, Gloria Wapnick. Its purpose is to present some of his unpublished writings and published professional journal writings in all their diversity. They are diverse because his short stories and poetry are “so exquisitely different”, the latter, especially, being a dedication to God and Jesus, while the short stories explore different themes.

The book begins with two powerful unpublished autobiographies, My Life with God and My Life with Jesus. The first, was written at the request of Helen Schucman in 1973. The second was done mostly after the Wapnick’s move to Temecula, California, in 2001. They allow the reader to relive what Ken experienced and describe some of the amazing events that he encountered in his searching, travels and thoughts, especially regarding the inner presence he always felt.

The autobiographical material is particularly exciting and intriguing, as Wapnick, characteristically, did not include any personal material, or anecdotes, in his writings (with the exception of one of his early books, Forgiveness and Jesus).

The dates the poems were written are largely unknown but some date from 1971 and 1976. Wapnick’s dedication to God and Jesus imbues his writing. The poems are moving and have a haunting quality of love.

“Forgiveness is the shining of a star,
A miracle of love that comes from faith
That knows what never was could never be,
And so what always was alone remains”

Three short stories follow – The Eroica Finale, Lohengrin and Moses.

Finally, 22 articles complete the book, 13 previously published, representing explanations and teachings ofA Course in Miracles, addressing important topics that have surfaced with study of the Course. Interestingly, one article, Mysticism and Schizophrenia, was the one that drew William Thetford’s attention to Wapnick, resulting in him being invited to meet Dr Thetford and Helen Schucman. Other articles include the life and work of Carl Jung, the forgiveness of abusers, etc.

This is 470-odd pages of joy for Wapnick aficionado, especially.

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