Nouk Sanchez & Coreen Walson: ‘Holy Relationship – Removing Obstacles to Peace’ (2hr 0min)


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Talk by Nouk Sanchez and Coreen Walson… and more…

A Course in Miracles sets out, plainly, four distinct obstacles we each must surmount in order to achieve the Peace of God – as changeless Love. Nouk and Coreen will be unpacking each obstacle in detail and setting forth the reason why the Holy Relationship is the means in which to forgive each obstacle and to directly experience this indispensable Peace and Love, to which Jesus points us. When we recognise that only as we rest in the Peace of God are we able to awaken to our invulnerability, perfection, innocence, health, abundance and eternal Life, we cultivate the desire for this peace, above all else.

When two or more share in this unequivocal desire for the Peace of God, the Holy Spirit literally abides in that relationship and the function of the relationship becomes to awaken the rest of the Sonship, through extension and demonstration of miracles. Come join us as we take a close inspection of just how and why the Holy Relationship unlocks each obstacle to Peace.

Nouk Sanchez began her passionate journey with A Course in Miracles in 1990. She is best known for her very practical approach to undoing the single cause of suffering — the ego. She is the author of bestsellers A Manual for Holy Relationship, The End of Death and Take Me to

Coreen Walson works closely with Nouk in facilitating the Total Transformation Course, devoted to supporting the deeper teachings of the Course. Raised in Christian Science, she knows, from direct experience, that the healing Jesus refers to in the Course is literal, not metaphorical.

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