Loveability – Robert Holden


Robert Holden

This book is Robert Holden’s meditation on love. It is perhaps more inspired by A Course in Miracles than any of his previous books. It addresses the most important thing you will ever learn: that all the happiness, health and abundance you experience in life comes directly from your ability to love and be loved. This ability is innate, not acquired, and does not need to be learned. It is a natural ability that is encoded in the essence of who we are.


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In Loveability, the author encourages us to explore our relationship to love and what it means to us. He asks us to consider that the goal of our lives is not to find love, but to be love. Love is the real work of our lives, our spiritual path and the key to our growth and evolution. Our destiny is not just to love one person, it is to love everyone.

He helps us explore the inner drama that we play out in all our relationships – between our Unconditioned Self (our real selves) and our ego. The basic truth is “I am loveable” and the basic fear is “I am not loveable’. Self-love is about knowing who we are, selfacceptance and giving up resistance to love.

Robert shares some practical exercises from his work. The art of loving must, of course, include being able to love and be loved. It is only when we allow ourselves to give and receive love freely that you realise that love is not a trade, it is a way of being.

He also focuses on some of the common blocks to love, such as expectations and rules, independence, sacrifice and trying to change or control each other.

He proposes that without forgiveness, we would not be able to realise our ability to love and be loved.  Forgiveness enables us to make a basic choice between love or fear, love or pain, love or guilt, etc. He also asserts that love is intelligent, is our true power and that if we apply enough love to any challenge, personal or collective, we will arrive at a positive solution. The greatest influence we can have in any situation is to be the presence of love.

With intimacy and warmth, in Loveability, Robert shares stories, meditations and poetry from his inquiry on love.

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