Lia Steinson: ‘Living Abundantly’ Event Video (2hr 43min)


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Workshop with Lia Steinson

Exploring a empowering version of what living abundantly means and how to achieve it. The human mind is typically driven by fear, which leads to feelings of limitation and lack. In contrast, A Course in Miracles shows us the way to experience the love, peace and joy within us. Take the opportunity, today, to release what blocks you, open your heart, let go of the past and welcome in a life beyond fear and where abundance and fulfilment blossom.

Discover more about these key areas:
• Being in the flow of giving and receiving
• Loving yourself and all life
• Trusting that all is unfolding perfectly
• Forgiving and letting go of expectation
• Relinquishing blame and judgement
• Giving up being busy
• Living without fear or anxiety
• Learning to live in gratitude and grace

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