Lesson 101: Perfect Happiness – Jon Mundy


Jon Mundy

Subtitled ‘A Path to Joy from A Course in Miracles’, this book is based on one of the most significant lessons in the Course, Lesson 101: “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.” (W 182)


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In this follow-up to his previous book, Living ‘A Course in Miracles’, Jon Mundy explores the concept of our happiness being God’s will, providing an insightful and clear path through one of the Workbook’s most  meaningful lessons.

Jon Mundy has been engaged with the Course since the very beginning, before it was even published, when he consulted with its scribe, Helen Schucman, in the last few years of her life.

Mundy asks: “What would it be like to have no worries, no anxieties, no problems, no major concerns? What would it be like to hold no grievances, no hurt feelings — make no judgements? What would it be like to be consistently calm, patient and serene? What if it were possible to experience the love of God flowing from our hearts to everyone we meet, all the time? What if we had no fear of death — no sense of limitation? What if we knew we were not a body? What would it be
like to know eternity… to know God?”

With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him, which is apparent on every page, Jon Mundy first guides us through a wonderful introduction to the Course, then an exploration of the Course’s major teachings on happiness, including the “Characteristics of God’s Teachers” (M 9-16), and especially the stages in the “Development of Trust” (M 10-11).

As well as making the metaphysics of the Course easy to digest, even obvious, there is plenty of practical material here, too: on engaging with right-minded thinking, which is miracle-mindnedness; dealing with guilt, unkind thoughts, anger, annoyance and irritation; undoing; and asking for help.

Is perfect happiness possible? Not only is it possible, Mundy says, it is the only thing there is. As the sleeve notes state: “This book is about hope, happiness and Heaven. It is about light, life, laughter and love, It’s about truth, trust and timeliness. It’s about God, goodness and Grace.”

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