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Alice Friend

The Holy Spirit Wisdom Cards are a set of 46 inspirational cards, with a booklet, based on A Course in Miracles, with beautiful stained glass images.

As well as having a deep and simple explanation for some of the terms in the Course, they also have a prayer to help you integrate the experience.

If you have found some of the language in A Course in Miracles a little difficult to understand, you will find these cards very helpful. It is most uplifting to start each day with a card.


Items are normally despatched the same week, but please allow up to 28 days for delivery in case an item is out of stock and has to be ordered from the USA

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Review of the Holy Spirit Wisdom Cards by Carolina Corada:

Seldom do we get the opportunity to watch how a teacher of God receives his/her gifts to share with everyone. I have been blessed with this opportunity. The Holy Spirit Wisdom Cards are the result of a mystical experience between my dear Alice Friend and the Holy Spirit.

She shared with me the process and the results and it was overwhelming to see how devoted Alice, creative Alice, was used for the purpose of providing us all, ACIM students and others, with a deck of cards like no other.

The Holy Spirit Wisdom Cards provide precise and direct guidance. Used as a simple, intuitive way of connecting with your Inner Teacher, the Cards provide a beautiful lesson and prayer that supports you in a given moment.

I have personally used them to gain more clarity on a particular subject or just to begin the day. Many times, we finish our ACIM group session with everyone picking a Card for Guidance. As Alice says in her instruction booklet,

“Each card offers a quality and helps you to learn it and makes you more aware of it in your life. The card’s meaning might awaken something that needs your attention right now and the prayer at the end of each text is powerful and effective.”

I find the Holy Spirit Wisdom Cards the perfect companion for anyone seeking connection with the Holy Spirit in a beautiful, gentle and creative way.

To give you an example, I have opened to the Holy Spirit Wisdom Card deck for a message and I will share my card with you today:

Open-Mindedness is complete lack of judgement. Judgement closes the mind to God’s thought. Open-Mindedness invites thoughts of God to come in and it brings peace because everything that would have prevented forgiveness has been let go of. Nothing can be quite the same again now that judgement is gone and open-mindedness is in its place. By receiving this card you are being invited to a great shift in your perception and an awareness of God’s Sight.

Holy Spirit, Thank You for the shift of my perception from unforgiving judgement to the open-mindedness of God. I know I am now ready and willing to see afresh all relationships and incidents in my life with open-minded awareness.

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