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Carrie Triffet

Carrie Triffet is hell bent on Heaven! She wants a permanent awakening, says this book, no matter what. The Enlightenment Project documents Triffet’s own onward journey of discovery, sharing helpful shortcuts (and pitfalls to avoid) for the benefit of fellow travellers on the path.


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With her trademark blend of keen obdervation and relaxed, quirky humour, Triffet offers readers a wealth of insight and practical guidance for this “journey without distance”. There is no preaching but, rather, a sense of sharing the experience of the journey. As one reader noted, the feeling is more like an invitation: “Let’s walk together while we talk, shall we?”

A Course in Miracles famously asks: Would you rather be right or happy? Triffet says: “For the first few decades of my life, I would confidently answered I want to be right. That’s because I thought happiness was
for people who weren’t smart enough to notice how screwed up the world was. And since I was convinced ligitimate happiness didn’t exist, smug superiority was my consolation prize of choice. It was only after ten or 15 years of sincere spiritual practice that I began to realise my habitual  cynicism wasn’t fun anymore; being right was actually causing me pain. Maybe it was time to give happy another look”.

She points out: “I’m not so big on wandering the untrammeled  wilderness all by myself, machete in hand, bushwacking a brand-new path as I go. Once I find a trustworthy vehicle (first Buddhism, then A
Course in Miracles
), I want to get on the bus and somebody else drive the wellworn path for me.” But, she realised she was going to be a solo explorer to “trust my own firsthand experiences and make my own choices.”

Triffet examines thought we hold sacred and dissects them to see where they may be acting as barriers instead of sign posts on the path to enlightenment.

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