Ending Our Escape from Love – Kenneth Wapnick


Kenneth Wapnick

Ending Our Escape from Love is based on Wapnick’s audio publication Escape from Love and includes discussions gleaned from classes that focused on the common problem of resistance. It thus can be seen as a companion to his earlier book, Ending Our Resistance to Love.

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With characteristic candour, Wapnick challenges us profoundly. He explains that it is important as we work with A Course in Miracles to realise that there is a part of us that is split off or dissociated. Many readers will no doubt relate to having read the words of the Course, finding that the thought system makes more and more sense as time passes, yet wondering why there is not more impact on their daily experience. “It is almost as if a wall has been erected inside us,” says Wapnick. “We go on living our lives, angry and critical, indulging our specialness and generally doing everything that normal people do as if nothing we have learned and sworn by in this course has had an effect.” There is a part of us that believes in truth and a different part that lives our everyday lives dealing with the issues we are confronted with.

“Resistance is the source of what appear to be the failures of even its most faithful adherents to learn, let alone practise, the principles of forgiveness and release of judgment. The gentle path to Atonement begins with recognising the fear of it, not to mention the love beyond it, and then proceeds with looking without judgment at the defences (resistance) against our choosing to return home. Thus do the walls of dissociation dissolve and ACIM allowed to be the means for our accepting the Correction that heralds our awakening from the ego’s dream of separation and attaining the End we seek.”

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