End of Death – Nouk Sanchez


Nouk Sanchez

In 2010, Nouk Sanchez lost her former husband and A Course in Miracles teaching partner, Tomas Vieira, to cancer. Now, she tackles the subject of death head on.


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The End of Death will pry open the deepest, most sacred hidden idol cherished by the ego thought system. It exposes death as our greatest and most powerful unconscious motivator for separation and suffering. Our unconscious attraction to it runs deep.

Death is the underpinning of the ego’s world. Without it, there could be no ego, no fear, no sickness, suffering or lack. Everything found in our world appears to be given life because of our rock-solid belief in death.

Death is the concept at the very core of the ego thought system, A Course in Miracles tells us. It asks us to look closely and realise that the very notion of death is an epic ego hoax.

The End of Death pierces through our dense layers of ego resistance to recognise this truth for ourselves, thereby unmasking the hoax once and for all.

The book presents a radically new understanding of the teachings of the Course. The explanations and exercises in this book invite the reader to experience profound transformation. This transformation heralds a complete reality reversal from a life of fear to one of exuberant Love and joy.

It is a testimony to Nouk Sanchez’ own miraculous shift from confusion and grief to aliveness, joy and certainty as she began to truly live the principles of the Course. She invites the reader to take the teachings of Jesus literally — and take them for a test drive. This is a must-read for anyone who is ready to get off the merry-go-round of endless seeking.

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