DVD 2: See How Building the Ego Works – Carol Howe


Carol Howe

This is the second volume of an eight-DVD series,See How Life Works. The series is presented by Carol Howe, one of the firstA Course in Miracles students, earliest Course teachers and biographer of her friend Bill Thetford, co-scribe of the Course. Grounded in science and research, with decades of teaching and counselling experience, Carol is a world-renowned expert who will guide you in applying this material to all life circumstances.


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In Volume 2 you will discover, in two hours, the specific ways we invent, build and maintain the ego, offer our allegiance to it, and suffer from that allegiance. Learn how to change your mind, be relieved of the pain the ego delivers, and move into a deeper, happier experience of life by being ‘real’.

Before we can deal with our egos effectively, we need to know what they are, how they were formed and what purpose they serve. Watch as Carol uses a live model to show how we build and maintain a self-image and then begin to let it go. A Course in Miracles states: “The building of a concept of the self is what the learning of the world is for. This is its purpose; that you come without a self, and make one as you go along… A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all.” (T 656) Watch the mayhem that unfolds when we confuse the two!

You will see how:

  • early conditioning and cultural norms are reinforced, fear and constriction ensues, and
  • coping strategies devised to try to stay safe;
  • offering our allegiance to the ego results in our suffering and confusion;
  • the care and attention lavished upon the ego would bring us lasting peace if directed toward one another.

Laugh at the picture of what we fear we have become, be relieved of the pain the ego delivers, and learn how to reclaim your birthright to move into a deeper, happier experience of life.

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