DVD 1: See How ‘A Course in Miracles’ Works – Carol Howe


Carol Howe

This two-hour DVD is the first of a series — See How Life Works, designed to cultivate peace of mind and based on A Course in Miracles.

Volume 1 provides a solid foundation for the exploration and practice of A
Course in Miracles
. Discover what it is for — and not for, its origin and credentials, basic foundational principles and processes, what to expect and how it works to assure the release of fear and guilt and the return of joy, health, and peace of mind.


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This workshop is presented by Carol Howe, one of the first Course teachers and biographer of Bill Thetford, co-scribe of A Course in Miracles and a great supporter of her teaching. The small class you see her interact with throughout the series is composed of new students and those with varying degrees of experience with the Course. Through unscripted and unrehearsed interaction the concepts are anchored deeply into ‘real life.’ Watching the class discover how to apply the Course provides an inspiring and engaging overview of its teachings.

Real life stories, metaphors and state-ofthe-art animation combine to lay the groundwork for comprehending:
* the part we play in determining our perception and experience of life;
* the meaning of miracles and how we invite them into our lives;
* and the formation of our beliefs — our ‘programming’ — and the process for choosing differently.

A Course in Miracles finds us when we have truly asked for a better way to live. Our job is to cooperate with its comforting help in bringing us peace of mind and, thus, the answer to all that seems to trouble us. Discover the change of mind that transforms and liberates now!

“We are delighted with Carol Howe’s See How ‘A Course in Miracles’ Works. With her brilliant mind and keen sense of humour, she is able to make what initially seems complex, simple. Carol’s sincerity, light, love, enthusiasm, warmth and unique ability to make the Course ‘reader friendly’ is vivid throughout her presentations. Carol is a master teacher of A Course in Miracles and we recommend this DVD to both beginners and old timers with the Course.” — Gerald Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione

You can continue the exploration through the other seven DVDs, each of which present one of Carol’s ground-breaking 3D teaching models — available soon: See How the Ego WorksSee How Relationships Work, etc. Other subjects are forgiveness, healing, acceptance, guidance and choice.

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