Cate Grieves: ‘Beyond All Idols’ Event Video (2hr 33min)


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Workshop with Cate Grieves

In this workshop, we will go through various sections of A Course in Miracles to help us to understand exactly what an idol is and why it is helpful for us to recognise them. When we recognise them, this allows us to choose to let them go. Chapter 29, VIII ‘The Anti-Christ’, begins with “What is an idol?” In the workshop, we will read through this section carefully and slowly. Cate will explain and give examples of ‘idols’, to help our understanding, bringing clarity to its meaning.

Each workshop Cate runs, starts with a prayer to invite the Holy Spirit to be in charge of the workshop and each participant can share a prayer with the group, or remain silent, in their prayer of “willingness to learn”. This prayer helps us get into the habit of inviting the Holy Spirit to be in charge.

Cate Grieves lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a teacher of God. She shares her love, care and understanding to help other minds awaken to the Love that they are. She hosts online zoom groups and has a YouTube channel.

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