Carol Howe: ‘Heal Your Relationships, Heal Your World’ Event Video (2hr 2min)


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Workshop with Carol Howe

The key to a healed world is in our relationships. Others, individuals or nations, show us our unhealed, often unknown, false beliefs about ourselves. These powerful, guilt-ridden beliefs are the true source of our pain and limitation. The world of form, literally a mirror of our inner experience, points the way to this self-discovery. Thus, the healing of the world and ‘individual’ minds is an ever-entwined process. As each of us heals the conflict within, we make a permanent contribution to the healing of the world.

Carol Howe looks at how the world situation helps to uncover our wounds of guilt, walk through the process of release and claim the safer, and more peaceful, life that is our inheritance.

Carol Howe is an internationally recognized teacher of A Course in Miracles and author, with over 40 years experience teaching, speaking and counseling in the psycho-spiritual field. A close friend of co-scribe, Dr. Bill Thetford, she authored a biography of his life, Never Forget To Laugh. She has created groundbreaking online programs, based on Course principles, and hundreds of audios and videos with guidance and reassurance in all areas of life.

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