Annie + John Campbell: ‘Parents + Children, Our Greatest Teachers’ Event Video (1hr 18min)


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Talk by John + Annie Campbell… and more…

“Wherever  I go, whoever  I see – I see Mummy and Daddy, and they see me”

The first people most of us need to forgive are our parents. Until we do, we are likely to project that un-forgiveness onto our children, if we have any. That is why those two groups can become our greatest teachers. Parents invariably create our first experience of ‘specialness’, which then needs to be healed.

 John Cambell is an ex-Sea Captain, entrepreneur, mind coach and author of ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’. Annie Campbell is a neuroscientist, filmmaker and author of ‘Brainsex’ and ‘Why Men Don’t Iron’. They now teach a way of making love with the Holy Spirit which creates greater peace and harmony in couples’ relationships.

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