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Free Online Course with Lia Steinson

As a professional Life Counsellor and an A Course in Miracles teacher, serving thousands of people over the years, I have become aware that the biggest obstacle to our peace and happiness is our negative reactivity – what in ACIM is known as ‘the blocks to our awareness of love’s presence’

The form this takes is judgemental thought followed by emotional pain, partly new and partly old accumulated pain that has not been appropriately expressed. It lies dormant until its particular triggers are experienced, then it causes chaos!

The pain takes us instantly away from our true selves, our sense of connection with others and with our Source.  The ego feeds on this pain and also likes to trigger it in other people.  I call this the ‘painbody’, using Eckhart Tolle’s name for it as an aspect of the ego which can wreck our lives. Time to let it go…

The exciting news is that I have evolved powerful and effective ways to release this pain and choose to think and feel differently.  Have you noticed that all through the day you have moments of negative reaction with feelings like disappointment, depression, regret, defensiveness, jealousy, bitterness, anxiety, separateness and so on?

In this Course, you will discover where they came from, where they are stored, how to release them whenever they occur. This is a miraculous breakthrough teaching on our journey to remember our oneness and who we really are.

Go to http://www.liachooseslove.co.uk for a fuller version of the Course description.

BOOK NOW – This course will be contained to a small, dedicated group so we can work deeply and effectively in this transformational Course.  Write to me at lia.ichooselove@gmail.com to reserve your place.  Zoom Link the same as always but I will remind you nearer the time.  If you will have to miss one of the evenings, I will let you have a recording so you can catch up with the work.  I will only record sessions for this purpose and they will not be available to anyone other than the group.

Tuesdays 13th October – 17th November, 6.30 – 8.30 weekly.

Donations welcome

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