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Below: Author Alan Cohen talks about the thorny issue of special and holy relationships.

Below: Susan Dugan describes the transformational effects of living a forgiving life.

Below: Douglas Crawford talks about 'source breathwork' and ACIM.

Below: Nick Arandes on the metaphysical foundation of A Course in Miracles:

Below: Jennifer Hadley on your life purpose:

Below: Michael Dawson presents a short summary of the Course, from its underlying metaphysical principles to its practical application - a path to inner peace and happiness through forgiveness.

Below: Amy Torres says: "It's a pleasure to be invited to share a video with you. Let’s dig in. My inclination is to face the worst first. In 'A Meaningless World' we look at what Jesus means in ACIM when he says this is a meaningless world. That’s a devastating statement, isn’t it? Or is it... ? Watch now if you dare, and see for yourself."

Below: David Hoffmeister on "A Profound Experience with ACIM"

Below: Nick Arandes on living in the present.

Below: Nick Arandes on the Puropse of Relationship

Below: Kirsten Buxton

Below: ACIM translator interviews, with comments by Dr William Whitson and Dr Kenneth Wapnick:

Below: Miracle Network webinar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) creator Gary Craig (November 2015), discussing the relationship between EFT and A Course in Miracles, particularly regarding 'Optimal EFT'. With Gary Craig, Ian Patrick, Mike Warwick and Sheri Baker.

Below: 'The Forgiveness Miracle'. This great little video by Saskia Halliwell from the UK encapsulates the main principles of ACIM and forgiveness.

Below: This is a 3-minute snippet from the start of one of Ian Patrick's  presentations at the Ibiza Enlight Festival, 2015. It also features, Sue, the incredible translator!

Below: What is A Course in Miracles? The following excerpt is from the movie documentary titled 'A Course in Miracles - Enlightenment or Bust!' with Craig Villarrubia, David Hoffmeister, Earl Purdy, Gary Renard, Carrie Triffet and Tony Ponticello.

Below: Gary Renard speaking during the 'Love Has Forgotten No One' retreat at Latimer Pace, Bucks, September 2013.

Below: Sondra Ray & Markus Ray introduce their talks in Berkhamsted and London, 2013.

Below: David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu talk about their Miracle Network workshop near Rickmansworth, Herts in 2013.

Below: Heather Pozzo @ Miracle Cafe: "Healing Our Minds By Changing Our Minds". An excerpt from Heather's talk on ACIM and the Work of Byron Katie at Miracle Cafe, November 2012.

Below: David Hoffmeister at Worcester, September 2012. An excerpt on making and undoing the world.

Below: 20 years after the publication of her first book, A Return to Love, in 1992, Marianne Williamson returns to talk to Oprah Winfrey, who launched the book's success. Four videos:

Below: David Hoffmeister talks about ego resistance and surrender.

Below: Jennifer Hadley introduces her discussion with Ian Patrick on 'Life, Death & the Illusuion' on http://livingacourseinmiracles.com

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