A Course in Health and Well-Being

Cindy Lora-Renard

The themes of health and well-being are discussed within the context of the non-dualistic thought system of A Course in Miracles. The Course teaches that mind is always at cause, so the mind is where true change originates.

The focus of this book is to deepen the understanding of how we can learn to choose and implement that change of mind, and consciously choose health and well-being. The change of mind is also described as undoing the ego, the false self, which then places us on the path to inner peace, the condition of health and well-being. There is a right-minded way of looking at oneself and the world and a wrongminded way.

Therefore, the purpose of this book is to further one’s understanding and practice of the right-minded way, thus undoing the ego. Then, the real you can shine, and true health and well-being become your experience.

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