Aging With Attitude

Gerald Jampolsky, Diane Cirincione

This book is incredible in its simplicity. We baby boomers, who may be thinking our clocks are ticking away fast, and anyone else, who might be worried about the future and its death knell, will relate to this book, instantly. It is a little masterpiece. It sings like a sweet song.

Written by bestselling authors Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, this book will change your mind about aging. It offers inspiring new perceptions for living the second half of your life with inner peace, happiness and tranquility, regardless of what may be happening to your body and mind. In these pages you will discover how your fears about aging are reversible and how you can live in a consciousness of giving, making forgiveness and love a way of life. Drawing from the principles of Attitudinal Healing (AH), this upbeat, positive book conveys simple but powerful guidelines for aging with grace, openness and a childlike sense of wonder. Heartfelt stories about people in their 70s, 80s and beyond demonstrate how others have applied these boundless gifts, illustrating the many ways A Course in Miracles and AH can transform each of our lives and the lives of those around us.

"Forgiveness is the greatest healer of all. Is it possible all pain, regardless of its cause, has some component of unforgiveness in it".

Jerry and Diane state: "Healing our attitudes is the process of choosing love, instead of fear." They suggest using peace, instead of conflict and love finding, instead of fault finding. How the ego traps us in the past and future!

Forgiveness, being one of the main principles of ACIM and Attitudinal Healing (AH), the book shows: how we hold onto unforgiving thoughts; how willingness gives us the key to moving ahead in the forgiveness process and; how we turn things around by changing our mind, choosing our thoughts.

Diane talks about her aging mother, Phyllis - and this is a gem - When asked how she was doing always said: "Now remember, I am not complaining. I am just explaining!" and: "You know, not being able to remember is not all that bad. You see, I can no longer remember what I was upset about! "

Written with such gentle and loving simplicity, this book slips under the bar when it comes to heavyweight self-help jargon and that is one of its big appeals. It is a book to read in the space of an early bedtime or to dip into for instant spiritual nourishment. It shows that, with trust in Spirit, ACIM really works. By changing our perception, our thinking and our internal world, everything changes. And forgiveness is the key!

Praised by readers from 30 to 90-plus years of age, this is a must read for everyone, who has begun to think about aging. A wonderful book for young, and not so young!

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