A Course in Marigolds

Michael Stillwater

Just in time for spring planting, Fearless Books gleefully announces a new edition of Michael Stillwater's A Course in Marigolds, a much-loved and much-missed ACIM classic. It is a funny parody, twisted guide to gardening that applies the language and perspective of A Course in Miracles to a completely inappropriate realm, with hilarious results.

First published in 1988 and out of print for too many years, the new edition of A Course in Marigolds will provide much-needed comic relief to hordes of Course students with or without mud on their shoes.

Mysteriously misplaced in a leaky garden shed since the turn of the century, this book is now returning to muddle the minds and lighten the hearts of students of A Course in Miracles everywhere.

This brilliant book echoes the unmistakable prose of the original ACIM to present an "ACIM for Gardeners" that is hard to describe and even more difficult to learn. A hilarious hybrid of horticulture and holiness, this ACIM begins where many other spiritual systems seem to wander off, and ends where no other system would even dare to begin.

Seemingly published by the Foundation for Dinner Peas, the book comprises a Text, a Workbook for Gardeners and a Manual for Growers. With Workbook lessons such as: "I am upset because I see snails everywhere," "I see only the snails" and "My mind is preoccupied with snails," this horticultural ACIM reminds its students to "Hose Once Again" and "give the marigolds I have received."

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
nothing is left when nothing remains.
Herein lies the peace of gardeners."

"Gloria's gardening will never be the same!"  Endorsement of original 1988 edition by Kenneth Wapnick

"I love your book, and have been spreading it around. Keep up the gardening!" — Marianne Williamson 

"I'm sure wherever it goes, this book will continue to plant seeds. He who has two good ears to hear, let him hear!" — Gary Renard

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