Tao of Kenneth Wapnick and Gary Renard

Ike Allen, Kenneth Wapnick, Gary Renard

Are you ready to awaken to your true self? This film, available as a digital download, was produced by Ike Allen, an A Course in Miracles student and filmmaker. It is designed, together with an interactive companion book (available from www.avaiya.com), to accelerate your awakening by combining the wisdom and experience of Gary Renard and the late Kenneth Wapnick with non-dualistic philosophies like Taoism and A Course in Miracles.

The film consists of 59 minutes of clear teachings from Gary and Ken, a rich tapestry of multiple interviews over the years, as they lovingly and playfully share their insights on undoing the ego and awakening, together with reflections from some of their students, such as Lyn Corona, and some film sequences.

After Wapnick’s passing in 2013, Ike Allen became inspired to create a new film that would blend the teachings of Ken and Gary (They appear to teach a similar message) and continue to support people on their journey.

Wapnick and Renard discuss, in depth, vital principles on the topic: clinging to the ego out of fear and resisting awakening; the role of forgiveness in the process; the nature of the world, illusion, the body and projection; not seeing ourselves as victims of the world; the power of choice in our awakening to the truth; metaphysics and the illusion of time; and what the ‘individualised curriculum’ is.

The humour of both speakers comes across well, making this an entertaining and enjoyable watch. The only negative point is the unnecessary background music.

Price: £11.95 for the download (a companion book also available). Click on the image below to be taken to avaiya.com for payment and download.

The Tao of Kenneth Wapnick & Gary Renard


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