ACIM Notebook

Susan Gibson

Do you feel daunted by A Course in Miracles? Susan Gibson found the quantity of Text off-putting and impenetrable, so she compiled this ‘newbies’ overview, or study guide “to make it more accessible.”

She wanted new students to have a ‘navigation aid’ – a simple way of accessing the Text, in order to get a feel of the Journey, without being put off by the mass of content.

She selected daily Text readings by their chapter heading and their connection to the chapter heading. “I also wanted the information in large-ish print and on non-flimsy paper,” she says.

She discovered that there was little written about the Supplements — Song of Prayer and Psychotherapy — which she found unexpectedly. So they are reproduced in full here and set out as part of the year’s study, together with the 50 Principles of Miracles, Clarification of Terms and Preface.

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