A Course of Love (combined volume)

Mari Perron

This book claims to come from the same Source and to be “a continuation” of A Course in Miracles – written (or, rather, “first received”) by Mari Perron. As with ACIM 30 years earlier, it was received unexpectedly and telepathically. It builds upon the same profound thought system, yet in a language both accessible and eloquent.

ACIM students, who love the Course, may receive profound new revelation through A Course of Love (ACOL).

“It may be a stretch for committed ACIM followers to accept the authenticity of a new text that claims to be from the same source. But I believe many in the USA now do so. Personally I’ve no doubt… ACOL speaks to me no less directly, personally and powerfully than does ACIM. A Course of Love is a revelation beyond price for anyone who reads it with an open heart.”

This new, complete edition of ACOL is A Course of Love: Combined Volume, first published by Take Heart Publications in 2014. The first book establishes wholeheartedness, an integration of mind and heart. The second and third books present radical revelations and an escort for the Hero's Journey without distance from yourself to your Self.

A Course of Love is a course for the heart. To be with this book is to experience a way of knowing that can take you beyond where all your learning has taken you. It can take you to the truth of who you are. It is the way of the heart. Remarkably, it bypasses the mind. It uses thought to go beyond thought. Those yearning to access the heart's knowing will find it here. This is your invitation to live the purposeful, meaningful life of the new - the reality of heaven on earth.”

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