DVD 7: See How Guidance Works

Carol Howe

There is no authority ‘out there’ that knows how to offer peace, security, and abundance. However, our inborn wisdom does! Learn the purpose and source of trustworthy, loving guidance and the means of accessing it. When intuition is ignored, frustration and disappointment ensue. When followed, liberation and peace of mind are ours. DVD.

From our earliest days our learned conditioning and the accumulated strategies for ‘staying safe’ have blunted our ability to follow our intuition – the voice for Love within. In order to access our own clear, reliable guidance, we must:

1.Reduce the noise and clutter in our minds, leaving us quiet and at peace.

2. Learn to ‘face the fear and do it anyway’ – follow that internal sense of what feels right in the face of ego directives to play it safe.

3. Discover that proceeding toward what you love and calls to you is always the highest and best for everyone concerned and that following the ego voice of ‘it’s all about me’ ultimately leads to pain and disappointment.

Thus, gradually we develop the trust that following heart-felt guidance – intuition – handles all worldly needs, clarifies the ways we are to serve, and leads to the required change of mind for feeling happy and content – experiencing the light that we are and the love with which we are embraced.

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