Illuminated Text - Seven-Volume Set

Robert Perry, Greg Mackie

Following A Course in Miracles is a process of learning and internalizing its thought system. The Text is where that thought system is laid out. It is an unparalleled spiritual tour de force. Careful study of it will change your outlook in ways that perhaps nothing else can.

Many students, however, find the Text to be hard going. Many do not finish it and even those who make it through, perhaps repeatedly, wish they had a deeper grasp of what they were reading.

Perry and Mackie are experts at making these sometimes challenging pages not just understandable, but rich with meaning and poignancy. These works are a priceless gift to anyone who wants to fully understand the teachings of ACIM.

The first volume of the Illuminated Text was published in 2009. The final volume, Volume 7, will guide you through each paragraph of the last five chapters of the Text, enabling you to get a deep understanding of this spiritual masterpiece.

Because of students’ difficulty with the Text, in 2006, the Circle of Atonement offered the Text Reading Program — a year-long tour through the Text with commentary and exercises on each paragraph, written by Perry and Mackie, sent to each participant by email. The authors had consistent requests that they put the material into published form.

So here it is, presented in book form as a multi-volume set. It will guide you in detail, in the same way, through the Text.

The poetic clarity of the commentaries helps the reader, whether a novice or one with several years’ experience, build upon their own understanding of this conceptual masterpiece. Filled with clarifying teaching and practical application of the ideas covered, students as well as teachers find these volumes indispensable towards their gradual comprehension of the Course.

Volume 1: Chapters 1- 4
Volume 2: Chapters 5 - 9
Volume 3: Chapters 10 - 13
Volume 4: Chapters 14 - 17
Volume 5: Chapters 18 - 21
Volume 6: Chapters 22 - 26
Volume 7: Chapters 27 - 31 - £13.95 each
Set of 7 volumes: £79.95

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7

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