Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing 'A Course in Miracles'

David Hoffmeister

This is a large (528 pages) and comprehensive volume with metaphors and examples to help open readers of A Course in Miracles to an experience and its practical application.

David Hoffmeister has been sharing inspirational gatherings and talks with people around the world for 28 years. During this time, students have engaged with him in deep dialogues and sparkling correspondence, like the ones that grace these pages.

The book is set out as questions and answers, covering a vast array of topics — from deep, metaphysical theory to everyday, down-to-earth challenges. The questions came in email messages, website postings, interviews, transcripts of in-depth dialogues from the earliest days of Hoffmeister’s work with gatherings. This may prove to be his definitive work.

From this eclectic material, students may live the steps laid out in the Course for un-winding the mind from the world, back to God. For those who hope that enlightenment is possible in this lifetime, David Hoffmeister is an inspiration. His articulate and non-compromising expression touches his audience. You will recognise both the questions asked of him and the answers, as there is only one mind and it is yours!

As you enter this book you are accepting an invitation from deep within your heart. Awakening requires the dismantling of all that we made as a cover over the Light that ‘I Am’. We must invite the Holy Spirit to unwind our minds of everything we think we think and think we know, until all that is left is the Love that we are. That is the lofty, yet practical and realistic, purpose of this book.

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