Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: Manager to Leader in Your Own Life

Sarah Alexander

The ego, Sarah Alexander says, is the ‘manager’ of our lives. It is described in many ways: ‘who we think we are’, the ‘us’ that does the thinking, the ‘me’ that chatters away in our heads, the ‘I’ that we use to describe ourselves. It is also our false sense of self, derived from all that we perceive about ourselves based on our lives so far. Underpinning all this is the ego’s belief that it is separate — a body, mind and nothing more. At its core, it has one basic emotion: fear, that manifests as anger, grief, shame, guilt, etc. The ego has an endless list of wishes. It believes that our happiness and fulfilment can only be found in the supply of these things, which it will never find.

The ‘leader’ within you, your True Self, is “the very highest and best within you and, as such, when you act from that place, you are fully aligned with your True Self”. It is where you are connected to your Spiritual Essence, Source, All That Is and God. The leader knows we are far more than our stories, background, circumstances, thinking, beliefs and is connected to that still, quiet place within. It is the Christ Mind, the Love we express and give to the world.

The purpose of this book is to help your transition from manager to leader in your life. Sarah Alexander provides important ideas, tools and pratices that make possible the transition to a place where we can connect to our Spiritual Intelligence. Each chapter represents a key foundational principle. The book is about incorporating these principles into our lived experience and demonstrating them in every aspect of our leadership and lives.

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