DVD 6: See How Healing Works

Carol Howe

“Heal your mind – heal your life!” But do you believe it?

All that has gone awry in our lives, whether it be physical, mental or situational, has an inner, invisible origin – our lack of inner peace. Despite the myriad agents through which our limitations or illnesses appear to arrive, our beliefs are our own worst enemies, creating a prison of our own making. For instance:

1. We believe we must hold back our love, acceptance, energy, as well as material good in order to have enough. Realise that whatever we appear to be lacking is what we are not giving and reverse our strategy.

2. We believe that a chronic illness or a severe lack is permanent. It need not be. Every moment is a clean, new one and in it all things are possible as we quiet the ego voice and reach out with love.

3. We believe we must wall ourselves off from certain people and circumstances in order to be safe. We are never safe in a prison, but lonely, unfulfilled and anxious.

These beliefs are false, but unexamined. We CAN step out of the prison. Our peace and healing are available to us for the asking. When we still the mind and follow our natural desires – to extend, to reach out, to join – we claim our freedom. Then our good, without fail, reappears.

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