Rise Above

Raveena Nash

Rise Above is a self-help book, based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, which has the aim of helping the reader rise above the problems and challenges of everyday life.

Raveena Nash has been a student of ACIM for several years. She has a degree in economics, has worked as a mathematics and special needs teacher, and a radio and television newsreader. She has also written articles for a weekly newspaper.

The author shows how certain ACIM Workbook lessons can be used regularly to help overcome problems such as anger, guilt, resentment, a lack of forgiveness, the fear of ill health and death, anxiety about the future, feeling trapped in the world of the ego, low self-esteem, the mistrust of others and much more.

More than simply solving these problems, making use of the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, Raveena Nash offers practical advice and guidance to help the spiritual seeker use these issues as steps towards awakening.

Rise Above is a great book to carry around and dip into whenever something challenging crops up. Following It’s All An Illusion, Raveena’s first book, Rise Above focuses on the practice of the Course through the use of the Workbook. It will help the reader acquire greater understanding of the Course and show how one’s perception of the illusory world can be changed, as one rises above the world of the ego and embraces the truth. It will also help existing students of ACIM put into practice what they have learned from the Course and help them in their efforts to awaken, as they travel along the path of love and forgiveness.

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