DVD 5: See How Acceptance Works

Carol Howe

For almost everyone, acceptance is a mystery! What is it, how do we engage in it and why should we? This video explores the following topics, vitally important to our peace of mind:

Acceptance is simply acknowledging fully one’s immediate experience without judgment and is not resignation, a sign of weakness, an indication of approval, or desire for more. All organisms tend to withdraw from the perceived source of pain: we go away, shut down energy, withdraw, and the heart closes. And our pain increases. The ego says: “hold back” when feeling hurt or scared. Bad advice since holding back is the true cause of the pain.

Whereas resistance forever makes healing impossible, acceptance says yes to everything, allowing love to flow again. It brings together the issue to be healed and the healing agent within.

All circumstances in life are representative of one’s inner state of mind. Acceptance opens the heart – joins with rather than separating from – allowing that inner state to shift and change for the better. What follows is an increasingly happy, abundant life that replaces the compromised one we’ve grown to believe is all that’s possible. Find out for yourself what awaits when you change you mind!

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