An Invitation to the Awakening Heart

Nick Davis

Nick Davis is a much-loved A Course in Miracles teacher who, with his wife, Anne, runs the Centre for Inner Peace in Worcester.

An Invitation to the Awakening Heart is a call to listen to the indwelling spirit that speaks to us all. Through listening, we are naturally drawn into the awareness of what we really are and this awakens the heart of our being into a new life of Love, Peace and Joy. The overall experience of inner communion is that, regardless of all appearances, we are safe, healed, loved and whole and that, truly, all is well.

Through practicing the lessons of ACIM and teaching them to others, so as to learn them more completely, Nick Davis has become able to hear a clear ‘Voice’ within his own mind.

In Part One of this book, he shares a brief account of his story with the Course so far and the means by which he listens to the Inner Teacher. In Part Two, some of the longer communications he has had with the Teacher, which have clarified concepts and ideas in the Course, are presented. In Part Three, he introduces some of the questions that have come to him over the years, which have been answered by his loving ‘companion’. Throughout, Nick’s personality and gentle humour are clearly seen.

Nick says: “I discovered A Course in Miracles in 1984 after spending ten years studying psychology and the Science of Mind. As soon as I started to read the Course I knew that this was what I had been searching for.

“It answered every question for me and importantly provided a practical means by which to change my mind from its habitual patterns of wrong thinking to the thoughts that create peace and well-being. I started teaching the Course very soon afterwards, having recognised that to teach is to learn.”

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