May Cause Miracles

Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein is the new force among A Course in Miracles teachers, having been described by some as the “new Marianne Wiliamson”.

She is the best-selling author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~ing to Your Life, and has been proved to be the go-to happiness guru for spiritual seekers worldwide. Bernstein reaches tens of thousands via her lecture circuit, workshops and via social media.

May Cause Miracles is her third book. It is about miracle-mindedness. As she says, she has adopted a glass half-full attitude and shows her readers how they can, too. She is honest in saying that it is not easy choosing loving thoughts over fearful ones. “Fear is sneaky,” she says.

Gabrielle reminds us that ACIM says: “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing” (W 1) and explains that to find real happiness we must be willing to look at our fears and limiting beliefs. Making the Course part of her daily life, she released her fearful thought patterns. She learned that: nothing outside herself could bring her completion; real happiness does not come from getting, but from giving; inner peace comes from connection to love; and when we truly love ourselves and share love with others, real happiness is the result.

Gabrielle says that as a result of following the Course, she has forgiven her past, released her future and shown up for the present with love and faith. In this book, she shows us how we can do the same.

She stresses that being willing to witness and release fearful patterns opens our hearts and minds to guidance, the voice for love, intuition and inspiration.

May Cause Miracles is divided into six chapters, one for each week: becoming miracle-minded; developing a new self-perception; body image; relationships; money and abundance; and being a miracle worker in the world. Each has exercises, meditations, reflections, journalling and affirmations to “reprogramme your thoughts”.

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