Miracle Mind Cards

Patricia Black

Patricia Black has been a student of A Course in Miracles for seven years, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She says: “The teachings and the love of the Course have transformed my life and awakened a deeper understanding of God’s unconditional Love for me and all His Children.”

Her passion for the Course has prompted her to create a suite of inspirational pieces — greetings cards, postcards and bookmarks, each professionally printed with Course quotations and vibrant, beautiful, colourful photographs to inspire.

“They don’t promise instant change or happiness, but they will initiate the process to a new way of looking at and living life.” It takes time to alter life patterns, but Miracle Mind creations can be a start.

Patricia’s creative background, as founder of Creative Solutions, has given her the wherewithal to share some of the teachings of the Course in a gentle, but effective, way. The thought in each of her cards, carefully chosen from A Course in Miracles, will, she says: “Encourage you to stop and think. Inner peace is attainable, if the mind is open and accepting of change.”

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A6 CARDS (105mm x 148mm, insides blank for personal messages, 300g card, envelopes). Pack of 10: (£14.95)
DL CARDS (99mm x 210mm, insides blank for personal messages, 300g card, envelopes). Pack of 10: (£14.95)
POSTCARDS (105mm x 140mm, printed two sides and laminated one side). Pack of 10: (£14.95)
BOOKMARKS (175mm x 50mm, on 300g card, printed and laminated two sides). Pack of 10: (£14.95)

Items are normally despatched the same week, but please allow up to 28 days for delivery in case an item is out of stock and has to be ordered from the USA

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