2012 Conference - At the Heart of 'A Course in Miracles'

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Full set of recordings of weekend conference, April 21-22, 2012.

All DVDs, unless otherwise indicated:

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NOUK SANCHEZ & CARRIE TRIFFET: Becoming a Miracle Worker (£9.00)
NICK DAVIS: Coming From Love (£9.00)
MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: Accepting the Atonement (£9.00)
JASON CHAN & PEGGY-JANE ROGERS: Open Your Heart to Love (£9.00)
TOM McCABE: Radical Forgiveness Releases Divine Freedom (CD) (£9.00)
DAVID HOFFMEISTER: Trust Would Settle Every Problem Now - I (£9.00)
ROBERT HOLDEN: Forgiveness As a Daily Practice (£9.00)
SANDY LEVEY-LUNDEN: Do You Really Want a Holy Relationship? (£9.00)
DAVID HOFFMEISTER: Trust Settles Every Problem Now - II (CD) (£9.00)
JULES STEINSON: The Grateful Heart (£9.00)
CHERYL FORD: Making the Inner Shift: From Fear to Love (CD) (£9.00)
IAN PATRICK: Forgiveness: Practical Healing + ALL: Q&A (£9.00)
HUGH MAGEE: Serving Two Masters? (£9.00)

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