Teach Me How to Love

Scott Kalechstein Grace

Scott Kalechstein Grace is known as an entertaining A Course in Miracles teacher and for his ability to create songs for individuals or groups about any topic presented spontaneously. This is his first book.

Typically for Scott, this is not a book of theory but a collection of moving and heartfelt stories from his life, in which the practice of ACIM is clear. It is a story of personal awakening, as Scott moves from a dysfunctional and painful family background, through independence and desperate dating to becoming a husband and father.

Above all, his book is funny with many amusing stories. Scott plays games with the English language in a creative and unique way. All along, his narrative is peopled with the wonderful characters he has met along the way, such as the woman in a wheelchair in the ‘restroom’ at McDonald’s and Richard, ‘D’ Train Poet, whose ministry was the New York subway system. He writes about the healing relationships of his life — mother, father, girlfriend Alana and wife Venus.

He describes reading A Course in Miracles on drugs. “LSD literally made the book come alive for me. (Have you ever seen a book breathe?) I remember picking it up during a particularly hairy hallucination and turning to a lesson stating: ‘I am upset because I see something that is not there’ (W 10). Instantly, the snakes slithering into my space became butterflies.”

Part I is about learning to follow his heart and trust his intuition, especially in regard to his music and speaking career. “It goes down easy, as good humour makes for good digestion.” With levity a constant companion, Part II goes deeper into his experiences of growth and transformation
through relationships.

“Teach Me How to Love grips you like a thriller, except that instead of scaring you, it will encourage you to laugh your fears away. Scott manages to be honest, entertaining, inspirational and wildly funny throughout. This is my kind of book.” — Gary Renard

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