An Upgrader’s Guide: How to Move On From Christianity & Rediscover Jesus

Hugh Magee

The thesis of this book is three-fold: 1) that Christianity is obsolete; 2) that we therefore need to move on to a better Jesus - inspired thought  system; and 3) that such a thought system is now available in the form of A Course in Miracles.

Hugh Magee says: “While there are many voices today that would consent to the first of these three statements, we do not receive much
help with the second or the third... Yet today we have at our disposal a means by which the problem of Christian dysfunction can be solved.” The purpose of this little book is to help people to upgrade to that solution.

Hugh Magee is currently serving as a canon of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, in Dundee. In addition to his church duties, Canon Magee has for the past 25 years been a student of A Course in Miracles. He has written numerous articles on the Course and has appeared on several
Course-related television programmes.

Asked how he can reconcile his Christian profession with the Course teachings, Canon Magee states that, as his primary allegiance is to Jesus, there is no conflict: “Since the upgrade outlined in this book leads to a new and radical understanding of the message of Jesus, it provides an opportunity to question traditional Christian beliefs and return to a clear understanding of his authentic teachings. [With ACIM] we have a thought system that not only emerges from within an existing paradigm,
but from its very centre — Jesus. Thus the term ‘upgrade’ is appropriate.”

Whether you regard yourself as a Christian, or an ex-Christian or merely curious, this book is fascinating, enlightening and mind expanding.

“Hugh Magee has written a compelling book, which raises some important questions and provides surprisingly profound answers. Canon Magee helps us to turn things around and thus changes our vision from the framework of the ego to the perspective of Spirit.” — Jon Mundy

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