Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness

Susan Dugan

Susan Dugan is a well-respected and influential writer and teacher of A Course in Miracles in the United States. This is her first book.

After years of seeking, she had mastered the ‘law of attraction’ enough to manifest moments of happiness and success but always the long-awaited arrival of what she thought she wanted delivered only the most fleeting pleasure. Eventually, she found herself at the threshold of true spiritual transformation. The signs? A longing that nothing external, not romance, success, money, adventure, parenting or creating had ever fully satisfied.

This book takes us through a remarkably powerful, helpful forgiveness process that will stir your desire to awaken to who you truly are. Dugan’s well-documented life experiences demonstrate love in practice. If you want a real-life account of how to undo the one block to love, then this is your book.

The heart of the profound spiritual psychology of A Course in Miracles is the forgiveness practice too many of its students overlook. Unlike many other Course books, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness shows readers exactly how to apply this process in their daily lives to heal their minds about their relationships. Far from dry and theoretical, the book grabs the reader, draws them in and keeps them thoroughly entertained while demonstrating the inner transformation available when we commit honestly to getting over ourselves and learn to smile at the ego’s antics.

The book chronicles the author’s ongoing journey practising the Course’s radical form of forgiveness. “Learning to release everyone and everything we blamed for our problems is not easy,” Dugan says. “But it is possible and the rewards are certainly worth the work. Ultimately, learning to practise the Course’s unique forgiveness offers the kind of comfort and inner peace people are looking for in all the wrong places, but can learn to find within and go on to offer others.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in the fastest way to peace and enlightenment” — Gary Renard

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