Living 'A Course in Miracles'

Jon Mundy

“Our relationship with God is vertical,” says Jon Mundy in his book Living A Course in Miracles. The subtitle is ‘An Essential Guide to the Classic Text’. This is no understatement for, with his gentle wit and colossal intellect, Mundy has set out to take his readers through the Text and
Workbook in an accessible, not to say page-turner of a book that will clarify and amplify meanings for students and teachers of the Course alike.

He does much more than list Text or Lesson numbers and reword them. He recommends that by simply and truly living the Course with the help he so deftly shows, we may learn the major lesson — that time does not move. This moment is all there is. It is for this reason, he says, that
“Our relationship with God is vertical rather than horizontal. It is in this moment that complete salvation is available for us. Truth is, there is no time and that is literally the end of the story.” This truth comes only one
third of the way through the book, at the end of Part One.

In Part Two, after many extremely helpful and illuminating anecdotes and quotes, Chapter 19 gives another delightful piece, this time on ‘Word Fasting: the Spiritual Diet’. Here, he offers practical suggestions for changing our perception by looking at words we use habitually and fill our
thoughts with. After the ‘taboo’ words he talks about words that may be “cut back but not completely eliminated”.

With humour, help and advice, Mundy offers clear reasons that
help assimilation, understanding and provide a spur to practise more nearly, living the Course.

By the end of this book, readers will feel that it was “Silly to think the ego’s game was ever real. God’s presence is now more consistently and clearly seen. Let God take the reins.” Get out of the way and enjoy the ride.

Mundy’s writing is always impressive. His long journey with ACIM, from its origins, gives him a fine pedigree. But where he shines is in the wisdom he has gleaned from a wide range of influences, his clarity, humanity and, last but not least, his humour.


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