From Victimhood to Power: Gaining Control of Your Life Experience

Gary Renard

Gary Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, and the soon to be released Love Has Forgotten No One, will lead you through a fascinating video that will unleash the power of your mind to reshape your experience of life and eventually lead to enlightenment.

An internationally acclaimed teacher of A Course in Miracles, Gary has been described as one of the most interesting and courageous spiritual speakers in the world. His books are in 20 languages and he is a winner of the Infinity Foundation Spirit award. The award is given to a person who has made a meaningful contribution to personal and spiritual growth. Past recipients include Ram Dass, Gary Zukov, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch and Byron Katie.

Join Gary in this video as he leads you through experiential exercises and spiritual information designed to undo the ego, or the thought of separation. As A Course in Miracles says, "Salvation is undoing" (T 660-1). There is also a question and answer session.

Running time: 4hours, 30mins

Format: mp4 video file

File size: 1GB approx.

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