Long Time No See

Carrie Triffet

One part deeply personal memoir and two parts rip-roaring spiritual adventure, Long Time No See is a powerfully moving, occasionally profane and often hilarious account of one person’s single-minded search for enlightenment.

Carrie Trifffet’s true-life journey takes her from reluctant orthodox Jewish, seemingly unspiritual beginnings into a devout 20-year practice of Nichiren Buddhism. Intending to remain a Buddhist for life, she is wholly unprepared when a profound awakening in 2005 unexpectedly changed everything, leading her insistently into a life beyond religion. Shortly after that, A Course in Miracles entered her life.

Triffet hears the Voice of Spirit, the first time when she was 27-years-old. She is as surprised about that as anyone. She sports a “dazzling array of flaws and vices”, none of which seem to dampen her singleminded desire for spiritual enlightenment. This is her story: the highs and lows, the pitfalls and triumphs on the way.

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