Miracle of Real Forgiveness

Tom Carpenter

This is the first book by Tom Carpenter since his ground-breaking Dialogue on Awakening more than 16 years ago. Tom has been receiving guidance from the Christ Mind for the past 30 years and has been a long-time teacher of A Course in Miracles, of course, dictated from the same Source.

The Miracle of Real Forgiveness is about letting go of our misperceptions of who we are and what the world appears to be and opening our mind to a different experience that we cannot now imagine. It is about learning that peace and joy come from connecting to each other, not blaming or looking for ways to be special and different. It is about releasing the guilt that has hidden our ‘real’ Self and finding the freedom to love again.

Tom says that while separation is still our dominant belief, anyone on a spiritual path, such as that of ACIM, is actually in the process of changing that perception. The understanding of a harmony and unity beyond all form inspires the practice of many levels of forgiveness — leading, ultimately, to the recognition within each of us of a unity that has never changed, but has been hidden behind our present belief.

The practice of real forgiveness has a different purpose to the forgiveness we have been familiar with. In this book, Tom explains this purpose in greater detail.

Tom says: “Think for a moment what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts. Everyone you meet has a smile and a glow of happiness about them. There is no conflict or lack; no striving, no blame, no expectations, no time and no death. Peace has replaced fear everywhere in this world. There is no word to describe hate for all the reasons not to love are gone. This is our state of mind without the thought of sin. This is our world when there is no guilt to judge. This is where the miracle of real forgiveness will take us.

“For most of us the world seems quite a different place than this. And, most significantly, it appears to bear little relevance to what we would like it to be. But what we need to learn is that it is a state of mind before it is a place. It is a state of mind dedicated to the belief there is something wrong with us and the experience of being separate and different in every way. It is our thoughts that have made it all that it seems to be, and so the world we see is ours to change... Thought by thought, slowly, guided by an inner Awareness, we are opening our mind to a different awareness of who we are.

“Forgiveness, used in the way we will describe, becomes the practice of demonstrating to ourselves that we want to love instead of hate. Forgiving what we have judged opens our mind to recognise a sense of union and the effects of how that changes our world are miraculous indeed.”

For much of these past 30 years, Tom Carpenter has taught from the guidance he received. He certainly has the skill to communicate these profound ideas clearly, which is demonstrated in this beautiful little book just as well as it is at his worldwide public gatherings.

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