Fearless Love

Gary Renard

“Heaven on earth. Perfect oneness with the divine. Your natural
inheritance.” This is how acclaimed teacher and bestselling author
Gary Renard describes what he calls “fearless love”— and it is an
experience readily available to us all if we undo the ego.

In this two-CD set, Renard offers stories, insights and techniques from A Course in Miracles to help us break down the ‘false self’ and remember “what it’s like to be God, or love itself”.

He explores: true prayer — how to enter the silence where you are one with source; putting the Holy Spirit in charge of your day to melt guilt and anxiety; and, using forgiveness to end the victim trap and help you realise your role in creating your reality.

On Fearless Love, Renard invites you to unlearn the habits of the ego and experience our natural state of unconditional love.

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