Non-ACIM websites

Alternatives. Based at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, in central London, Alternatives has hosted a huge variety of speakers on Monday evenings since 1982. Occasionally, they have talks from A Course in Miracles speakers.

Psychology of Vision. Based on the work of Dr Chuck Spezzano and ACIM, Psychology of Vision is both transformational and practical, providing coaching, workshops, lectures and products (books, cards, CDs and videos).

Happiness Project was founded by Robert Holden, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and well-being for life, work and relationships.

Interfaith sites: In the UK, The Interfaith Foundation (formerly Interfaith Seminary) trains ministers in an inclusive global spirituality. Their ministers offer sacred ceremonies and spiritual counselling tailored to the individual needs and longings of people from all faiths or none. Rev Diane Berke (co-founder of the New Seminary) now has her own organisation, based in New York: One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

College of Psychic Studies includes information on the College's programme, covering all aspects of spiritual and psychic knowledge.

Spirit and Sky. The largest spiritual directory on the internet, with over 100,000 links.

Self Growth is the top-ranked website for self-improvement on the internet! The website gets over 1 million visitors a month with its Spiritual Directory of experts and topics.

UKSpirituality is a nationwide not-for-profit spirituality organization aiming to bring a greater sense of spiritual depth to the UK. It offers information on spiritually-oriented programmes and events.

Greenshift Communications - Leaflet distribution and marketing; specialist alternative network (London-wide and some UK locations).


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