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(iii) some useful non-ACIM websites.

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ACIM-related websites

To visit other ACIM websites, simply click on the links below. The list has been divided into sections, which group similar sites together.

Seminal ACIM Organisations

The website of The Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), the publishers of A Course in Miracles, based in California, USA, is probably the best starting point. The site provides information about the activities of the FIP, including publications and copyright issues.

The Foundation for A Course in Miracles offers a comprehensive website. Located in Temecula, California, the Foundation was run by the late Kenneth Wapnick and his wife, Gloria, as the teaching institute affiliated with the FIP (above). This site contains a summary of A Course in Miracles teachings, information on the books and tapes published by FACIM and articles from their 'Lighthouse' newsletter.

Other Major ACIM Organisations

Center for Attitudinal Healing. The first Centre for Attitudinal Healing was established in California in 1975 by Dr Gerald Jampolsky. There are now about 150 centres worldwide, operating in 30 countries, offering support and healing based on ACIM principles.

Circle of Atonement, based in Arizona, USA is run by Robert Perry, Greg Mackie and others. This website offers articles, access to the Better Way newsletter, a helpful glossary of terms, ordering information, a list of events and more! Since 1999, Robert has visited the UK several times and run successful workshops here.

Miracle Distribution Center is well-known to A Course in Miracles students worldwide. It was founded in 1978 by Beverly and Richard Hutchinson (sister and brother).Their website has articles from the 'Holy Encounter' newsletter, a catalogue, list of events and study groups.

Pathways of Light, now based in Florida, USA, provides A Course in Miracles-inspired home study, correspondence and on-campus courses, ministry and counselor training, free e-magazine, free daily e-mails of ACIM lesson commentaries, online ACIM Workbook and Text commentaries and more.

Other ACIM Organisations

Community Miracles Centre, based in San Francisco, California, offers a comprehensive homepage, with information on their classes and other events, articles and a catalogue of A Course in Miracles books. The Centre operates as a church, with Revs Tony Ponticello and Larry Bedini as figures.

Clearmind International was founded by Duane O'Kane and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Its website offers a wealth of information about Clearmind's workshops and activities, which serve to bring the principles of the Course alive.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind has produced this site, which emphasises forgiveness and the laying aside of grievances through prayer and meditation. It includes articles on A Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister (see also

Living A Course in Miracles is Jennifer Hadley's website, which offers free tele classes with such teachers as Gary Renard, David Hoffmeister, Jon Mundy and Colin Tipping.

Take Me to Truth is the website of the best-selling book 'Take Me to Truth' by authors Nouk Sanchez and the late Tomas Vieira. The authors offer a profound and practical road map to undoing the only block we have to experiencing consistent peace, love and joy. You will find articles, access to audio and information on workshops.

Radical Forgiveness was created by author Colin Tipping, based on his book 'Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle'. Although the site does not use Course language, RF is very similar to 'true forgiveness' in the Course. The website includes tools, such as worksheets, with which to practice forgiveness.

Voice for Love: DavidPaul and Candice Doyle are A Course in Miracles teachers and authors of The Voice for Love, a book that teaches how to hear the Holy Spirit. They teach workshops throughout the USA. Their website includes an A Course in Miracles resources page.

International ACIM Teachers

Carol Howe was one of the first students of A Course in Miracles. With her background as a teacher, she has an exceptionally clear teaching style. Her website includes information about her ACIM DVD series, See How Life Works. She was a close friend of Course co-scribe Bill Thetford and has written a fascinating biography of Bill, Never Forget to Laugh, which has its own website:

Gary Renard. This site includes information about the revolutionary book best-selling book on ACIM Disappearance of the Universe, which has become an international phenomenon. It includes an interview with the author, a 7-minute video clip that can be downloaded, details of Gary's tours and material about A Course in Miracles.

Jon Mundy. Jon is a long-time Course student and teacher. This site includes Miracle Magazine and Jon's Institute for Personal Religion. It is an information source on A Course in Miracles and the teachings of the mystics, masters, saints and sages from a variety of different faiths and ages.

Jennifer Hadley is a gifted minister, counsellor and spiritual therapist. She uses ACIM, Science of Mind, her intuition and knowledge to assist people to release beliefs and mental patterns that no longer serve. She is a dynamic and dedicated techer, who, through her Living A Course in Miracles website, provides many free services, including telecasts and interviews.

Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione. This is the couple's official online home, where they share what's going on with them and include the historic work of Attitudinal Healing. You will find access to all of their books, CD's, DVDs, podcasts, articles, events, monthly online radio show, 'Conversations with Jerry and Diane', and more. 

Lee Jampolsky, son of pioneer Jerry Jampolsly and renowned author and psychologist, has a site featuring his work and his numerous popular books, such as 'Healing the Addictive Mind' and 'Walking Through Walls'.

Marianne Williamson has her own website. Here, you will find information about her lectures, special events, a catalogue - and more to come! One of this site's most dynamic features is the guestbook, where you can post messages which are often responded to by Marianne herself.

Michael Dawson (Australian Centre for Inner Peace and Miracles Studies). Here you will find summary charts, introductions and articles on A Course in Miracles, extracts from Michael Dawson's books, 'Healing the Cause' and 'The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness' and information about his forthcoming ACIM workshops and healer trainings.

Sandy Levey-Lunden. This site includes information about Sandy's work (including audio lessons) and ACIM-based workshops, which emphasise clearing emotional/spiritual blocks to relationship and focus on the development of the holy relationship.

Sondra Ray is an author, teacher and spiritual healer. She was one of the early Couse pioneers, having taught and writen about ACIM for 35 years. She developed ‘Loving Relationships Training’ (LRT), which combines ACIM with rebirthing, and is often called the ‘Mother of Rebirthing’. She and her husband, Markus Ray, travel the world sharing ACIM, Liberation Breathing and the New Loving Relationships Training, the flagship of Sondra’s work.

Tom and Linda Carpenter. Here you will find access to all the Carpenters' profound and inspiring work -- gatherings, articles and dialogues for download, plus facilities for ordering recordings and their well-known book 'Dialogue on Awakening'.

Susan Dugan is an excellent ACIM teacher and author. Her website has many useful articles on ACIM study and an interview with Kenneth Wapnick. Susan is honest about the difficulty of this work and the nature of the ego. Through her articles she manages to share a path through the resistance and back to the vision that love offers us.

Miscellaneous Organisations and Teachers

Nick Davis runs the Centre for Inner Peace in Worcester. He holds groups and frequent ACIM-based workshops. He is autor of the book An Invitation to the Awakening Heart. His website includes the forthcoming programme of events, information on teachings on CD, photo album and much more.

ACIM Gather offers online 'events', an impressive archive of questions and answers from Kenneth Wapnick, and a worldwide chatroom, using PalTalk (If you have a microphone attached to your computer, you can talk. If not, you can just type your contributions. Full details on getting PalTalk are provided.)

Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles, based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, promote the teachings of Jesus a.k.a. 'Raj', who is being channeled by Paul Tuttle and claiming to be the author of the Course.

Robert Holden, founder of the Happiness Project and Success Intelligence, is a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and well-being for life, work and relationships. His work is strongly grounded in A Course in Miracles.

Miracle Studies. A site maintained by former Foundation for A Course in Miracles teacher Joe Jesseph, containing a wealth of resources, including articles by Kenneth Wapnick and Jesseph himself.

Burt Hotchkiss, author of 'Your Owner's Manual', is well-known as a writer and teacher. His site is small, basically for marketing his book, yet it includes some spiritual gems and is well worth a look.

Miracles Online offers enrollment for online classes, software downloads and books to buy online. It is a veritable online campus for the study of ACIM.

Miranda Macpherson offers inspiration and information, as well as audio and video downloads, so that you can access the grace and "transformational atmosphere" of unconditional love. Check Miranda's event schedule, read about her core teachings and inspirational articles.

Overton Studios Trust is based in the UK It produces "videos, books and articles which explore the ideas of Jesus" - from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. This site has an emphasis on healing.

Sarah Alexander is a Spiritual Awareness coach, who provides many services including Sunday morning tele-classes: 'Study Group Classes: A Meditation Journey Through the ACIM Workbook', and free meditations.

A Course in Miracles Explained is a blog-style website by Kenneth Bok, which attempts to take the mystique out of the Course and get back to the fundamentals. It allows readers to post comments and questions and get involved in discussions.

ACIM teacher Cheryl Ford has a great blog - Serenity Self - that introduces her, her ministerial and counselling work, work with A Course in Miracles and other fields.

Heather Pozzo is well-known in the Miracle Network. She has her own website and offers spiritual counselling, Interfaith Ministery and an A Course in Miracles group (see Groups page).

Foreign ACIM Organisations

A Course in Miracles - Ireland. The Couse has a big presence in Ireland with this new and extensive website, run by Michael Murray. There is plenty of material on Course teachings, group listings and events in Ireland.

James Hale is the host of Miracle Studies, Australia. This site has particular relevance for A Course in Miracles students in Australia, but will be of interest to others as well. It includes articles from the 'Miracle Link' newsletter (edited by Bill McDonald), as well as archives of the Workbook Lesson commentaries by Allen Watson.

Miracle Link, Australia is an occasional newsletter published by Bill and Pam McDonald through "A Course in Miracles (Australia)". At this site, you can download complete issues of the newsletter, which contain many excellent articles by Bill McDonald and other writers, or read them directly in Adobe PDF.

A Course in Miracles New Zealand, a site produced by Daan Dehn offers beautiful photographs and an excellent collection of essays about the Course.

In Sweden you will find Curt Jonsson, who is a writer and translator. Curt has written a book about A Course in Miracles, which is available in both Swedish and English. His webpage also offers the choice of Swedish and English pages.

Milagros en Red is a Spanish-language website, based from Argentina, including bilingual messages from the Course, monthly newsletter, internet discussion group, quarterly magazine, workshops, seminars and talks, printed and electronic booklets on major Course themes by 22 well-known American and British Course teachers.

Miracles in Contact is an excellent and long-established Dutch-language website and organisation, providing a variety of services for students of A Course in Miracles, including a Dutch-language publication, MIC Magazine.


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