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Thursday 24th April 2014, 7 - 9.30pm

Embodying Love and Grounding the Message of ACIM

A talk by Laura Berridge... and more...

Miracle Cafe, Kensington

£25, Book Now , Book Now without meal - £3 less .

A Course in Miracles tells us that there are two core emotions – love and fear – and that only love is real. The Course also speaks of the body – or rather the identification with ourselves as bodies – as the root cause of separation, pain, illness and fear in life.


Friday 25th April, 7pm - Sunday 27th April 2014, 7pm

The Art of Giving and Receiving Love

Workshop with Sandy Levey-Lunden

25 High Street, Gretton, nr Corby, Northants NN17 3DE

£375.00, Book Now .

If we are to be honest with ourselves, most of our giving is conditional - we are almost always giving to get something in return, even if we are just expecting a ‘thank you’ from someone, or hoping that they will be pleased with our giving, acknowledge us, like us more, or approve of us.



Friday 2nd May – Monday 5th May 2014

Unshakeable Presence: Coming Home to Who You Truly Are

Workshop with Miranda Macpherson

Findhorn Foundation, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, Scotland

A weekend of inquiry, chanting, meditation and prayer, taking us on a journey through and beyond the habits of mind to access the deeper dimensions of being.

The Friday evening will be an open presentation by Miranda in the Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation. Entry to this event is by donation. The retreat proper begins on the morning of Saturday 3rd May.

£325 residential (early bird price of £295 before 31st January). Non-residential: £195 (NFA and Foundation co-workers, £165)


Wednesday 14th May 2014, 7 - 9pm

A Future for Christianity

A talk by Hugh Magee... and more...

Garden Cafe, Restore, Manzil Way, Oxford OX4 1YH

£16.00, Book Now .

Though A Course in Miracles is said to have been channelled from Jesus, many of its teachings seem to be at variance with the claims of Christian orthodoxy. The Course has, therefore, been treated with suspicion by some orthodox believers. And conservative Christians have even warned that these teachings are demonic in origin.


Friday 23rd May 2014, 6.30 - 9pm

'God’s Will for me is perfect happiness' (Lesson 101)

Evening talk with Jon Mundy

Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

£25.00, Book Now .

Immerse yourself in this vital Course lesson: see clearly how it dispels ego and brings the Kingdom of Heaven into your everyday life.

Jon Mundy is one of A Course in Miracles’ original teachers. Introduced to ACIM by Helen Shucman herself, and informed by his own out-of-body revelations and his healing from cancer, Rev. Dr. Jon Mundy has written extensively on ACIM, including his bestseller Living A Course in Miracles. www.miraclesmagazine.org


Saturday 24 May, 10am - Sunday 25 May 2014, 5pm

Death - Heaven and 'A Course in Miracles'

Workshop with Jon Mundy

Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

£120.00, Book Now .

"When your body and your ego and your dreams are gone, you will know that you last forever." (T 104)

This workshop offers you a heartfelt and transformational understanding of the core concept that Heaven exists here, now. Jon will reveal:

* Love and surrender: what an experience of Heaven feels like
* The profound rewards of giving up ego-identity
* Why we can trust in ACIM: death is indeed ‘nothing’ (T 104)
* How time can be used to attain our true life’s goal


Saturday 24th May 2014, 11am - 12pm

Workshop on ‘A Course in Miracles’

With Raveena Nash

Long Melford Village Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9JQ

Author Raveena Nash will be holding a workshop on A Course in Miracles at the Mind, Body & Spirit event in Long Melford.

Raveena Nash will shed light upon key aspects of this Path and show how they can be put into practice in everyday life, to help speed up the awakening process. There will also be an interactive session in which participants will have the opportunity to select a Workbook lesson at random and explore its meaning and relevance to them.

Admittance is free of charge.


Thursday 29th May 2014, 7 - 9.30pm (doors open 6.45pm)

Page 1 of 'A Course in Miracles': A 20-Year Spiritual Journey

A talk by Ken Gorman... and more...

Miracle Cafe, Kensington

£15.00, Book Now , Book Now without meal - £3 less .

This talk will cover Ken Gorman's experiences and insights from his own life examples from A Course in Miracles including:


Friday 30th May, 6pm - Sunday 1st June, 2014, 6pm

The Sex and Money Seminar

With Sondra Ray and Markus Ray

Ibis Styles Southwark Rose Hotel, 47 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HH

Get clear on relationships, sex, money. Let go of your old life, make way for the new. Discover the transformative power of your own breath through 'Liberation Breathing'.

Contact  for detalis and registration:
Tajinder Chana 07957 468196 or tajinder.chana@sky.com
Monika Davis 07791 589585 or sezonia@googlemail.com
Karolina Mikulicz 07748 051087 or karolinuk@yahoo.com


Wednesday 11th June 2014, 7 - 9pm

Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

A talk by Ruth White... and more...

Garden Cafe, Restore, Manzil Way, Oxford OX4 1YH

£16.00, Book Now .

We learn our greatest lessons from our greatest resistance, so if you feel ruffled, aggravated or angry at anything at all please look again and see if you can step back and change your attitude. It is then that a miracle can occur and the whole situation changes for you.


Tuesday 17th - Thursday 26th June 2014

The Spirit of Stillness

A 10-day retreat with Lia Steinson and Marie Turner

Tierra de la Luz II, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain

Inspired by the profound and liberating teachings of A Course in Miracles. In this unspoilt mountain wilderness, this retreat offers you the experience of love, joy and peace; the time, space and stillness to allow the Divine essence to arise within you, revealing itself as ‘who you really are’ in the light of eternity as body consciousness subsides. At the same time we will not shy away from what holds us back. We will move seamlessly between profound stillness – deepening and stabilising as the retreat progresses – and releasing the blocks to the awaren


Thursday 26th June 2014, 7 - 9.30pm (doors open 6.45pm)

A Hostage's Route to ACIM

A talk by Anthony Grey... and more...

Miracle Cafe, Kensington

£15.00, Book Now , Book Now without meal - £3 less .

Anthony Grey -- a foreign correspondent in China and Eastern Europe for Reuters world news agency before becoming an international best-selling historical novelist. He was also the first western hostage of the modern era, held two years in solitary under close guard in a slogan-daubed house in Beijing in the late 1960s, as documented in his recent new publicationThe Hostage Handbook. Nowadays he is both writer and independent publisher and his own latest book of short stories, essays and poetry is Resurrection in Guatemala.<


Saturday 5th July, 10am - Sunday 6th July 2014, 5.30pm

'A Course in Miracles' Revealed!

Weekend workshop with Ian Patrick

25 High Street, Gretton, Corby, Northants NN17 3DE

£75.00, Book Now .

This is a comprehensive overview of A Course in Miracles, grounded in theory and enriched with prayer and guided meditations. Newcomers will gain clarification of the Course’s message and themes. The more seasoned ACIM student may review its easily forgotten fundamentals, so as to inform and refresh their practice.

Topics include:

* True perception: how close to God we really are
* The illusion of separation
* Guilt, judgment and projection
* Special vs. Holy Relationships
* Why and how forgiveness works


Sunday 6th July 2014, 11am - 4pm.

Mighty Companions Picnic

With Nicky Love

Exeter, Devon

A free day for food, friends, forgiveness and fun!
Contact Nicky: 07986 620088 or nicky.c.love@gmail.com


Saturday 12th July 2014, 10am - 6pm

The Power of Radical Forgiveness

Workshop with Colin Tipping

The Well, Newport Road, Willen, Milton Keynes MK15 9AA

£50.00, Book Now .

Let’s not just talk about forgiveness — let’s experience it.  

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:


£185.00, Book Now .

* International speaker line-up
* Luxury spa hotel near London and M25
* Saturday night party
* Earlybird savings
* A unique experience of A Course in Miracles

To mark our 20th anniversary, an exciting line-up of well-known favourites and new international speakers:


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