Radical Honesty

Sunday 14th July 2019, 10am – 5.30pm

Workshop with Carolina Corada

Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL

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This workshop will be based on Carolina’s book, The Discipline of Peace, and is offered in support of studying A Course in Miracles.

The day will comprise of 4 sessions:
Session 1 - What is Radical Honesty? How does it help me reach peace of mind
Session 2 - Aiming at a universal experience: Experiential ACIM with IntroDanza
Session 3 - Collaborative learning & sharing: Everyone realizes the Teacher within as we move deeper into honesty as one of the characteristics of Teachers of God
Session 4 - Conclusions and short good-bye IntroDanza

Carolina Corada is a teacher of Peace, author of The Discipline of Peace and founder and organiser of the Ibiza Enlight Festival for the International A Course in Miracles community. She has brought ACIM to prisons, rehab centres, orphans homes and has been holding regular ACIM groups for the past 25 years, travelling to Latin America, USA and Europe, and teaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her method 'IntroDanza', based on the teachings of the Course, is an inspiring and transformational way to “let go of the judgemental mind” and “make the change" within.

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